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Riviera Public School follows the syllabus of N.C.E.R.T.Our curriculum is carefully planned with extensive research supported by E-learning, Interactive Sessions, Teamwork, Project Making, Presentations and Debates.

Each child is precious and gets ample opportunities to grow harmoniously. The curriculum developed is very challenging and integrated to the best international methods with world class technology .We aim at enhancement of speaking skills for self-expression and assertiveness.

The school looks upon different skills like Gross Motor , Fine Motor, Cognitive ,Behavioural, Communication, Personal, Social Skills and Language building. The school makes every effort to bring them closer to the environment.

The curriculum is designed in such a way that it helps our students to enhance their different skills like listening, reading ,communication ,thinking and interactive skills.

  • Our Education System is supported by the new technology. The classrooms are equipped with smart board- supported by Educomp
  • Our research team continuously works to incorporate new ideas and facilitate learning.
  • Teaching through apparatus ,gadgets ,videos, CDs, LCD, DVD, through Youtube, puppet theatre, presentation, real life situations, visits give them insight of the subject.
  • The school curriculum for different age groups has been formulated with due attention considering the needs and potential and to maintain the graded pattern of learning.learning is complete fun here.

Worksheets,Books and P.P.T

The school has developed Worksheets,Books,Powerpoint Presentation to facilitate learning and it is a continuous process to make learning permanent.

Continuous and Comprehensive Tests

The school believes in continuous and comprehensive evaluation system on the basis of internal and whole year performance the promotion is granted.


We maintain small teacher student ratio.Teachers have solid grasp of childhood development and have experience of working with growing age groups. They continuously evolve and strive to incorporate new methods to facilitate learning. they are articulate, courteous and intelligent. The school conducts special in service programmes to keep them well equipped.